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What are the types of Website Traffic and how to increase them?

The types of website traffic and wherever they are available from:



1. Organic Search – This is what generally comes from a hunt engine like Google or Bing against a particular search term question. In order to urge these clicks your page must rank high for same keyword, this is all interconnected with keywords, i.e., the search term. In other words, organic traffic is very extremely connected with SEO.

2. Referral Traffic – also organic (non-paid) in nature, comes via articles or linkages, in other words your website} was found by manner of a referall from another site, not a search engine.

referal traffic
3. Paid Search – Pay per click (PPC), not organic, you have acquired this click somewhere, Adwords, Bing, shopping sites, through an affiliate, somewhere. You only get this if you’ll afford to procure keywords that you simply suppose be to drive traffic to your website. Keyword research and sensible copywriting facilitate. It helped me enormously in driving traffic to my website.

paid search
4. Direct Traffic – Organic, word-of-mouth / off-line referral. Visitors WHO come back to your web site via this methodology, have either bookmarked your site, or perhaps area unit repeat guests or merely recognize your WHO you’re.

direct traffic
5. Social – This is really referral traffic that comes in from social link, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, etc, etc.

social traffic
6. Email – This is traffic that comes into your website that connected into your site from a email, or an email campaign.

email traffic
You can see that things 1-4 area unit very the essential traffic channels, Organic, Paid, Dircect and Referral, while Social and Email, are very additonal referral channels.
That said, how do then then build and increase journal traffic.


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