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Adnow Review: A Native Ad Network

AdNow is an advertising network that offers widget based native ads, to be used by publishers on their website. This premium Ad network has more than 1, 50,000 publishers as of now. Adnow accepts publishers who are otherwise turned down by Taboola, RevContent and Outbrain. I have found Adnow’s RPM rates almost comparable to Taboola. So if you’re looking to monetize your website through Native ads- Adnow can be a good option.

A Brief about the Company


AdNow was started in the year 2014, by a team of digital marketing, Big Data and RTB passionate people to create an all new hybrid ad format. This format serves ads and other interesting things with the contents of websites so as to enhance user engagement.  Through AdNow it is possible to use both native ads and media banners in the same campaign, which would be of much use for agencies and clients engaged in the brand promotion activities.

The idea behind AdNow is to serve interesting content and Ads and it took nearly one year for its technical team to develop its prototype. But its algorithms were effective right from the start. This could be because, the co-founders of AdNow have decades of experience in RTB, Big Data, Pay per click and mobile advertising platforms. In just two years AdNow has become the best Native ad tool and by the year 2016, it had more than 1,50,000 partners serving more than four billion impressions every month across 107 countries.

Requirements for a Publisher to Join the Network

The AdNow native ad network does not demand any specific traffic requirement from its publishers, but it is important to have quality content on the website so as to attract more traffic. AdNow reviews every website manually. To be a part of it, publishers need to fill in a small registration form and submit it for its approval. I had a talk with the publisher representative at AdNow, and being a new native ad network, they are accepting publishers unless the site generates fake traffic or clicks.

During the submission process, it is important to verify  ownership of the website by uploading a file sent by them to the root directory of the website.  Alternatively, publishers could also paste the HTML tag sent by them above the closing head tag. After submitting a website and approving it, publishers could start earning money through their sponsored content.

Websites are either approved or decline within 3 hours of submission. AdNow does not support adult content websites. Though there are no specific traffic requirements, decent traffic generating website gains more benefits. To be a part of AdNow, Publishers should not alter the ad code, should not use traffic exchanges and auto refreshing software to generate false traffic.

How does AdNow Work

AdNow is a content recommendation that offers related posts widgets to publishers to get placed on their website. This related posts widgets shows sponsored content, which gets translated into money when visitors click or view the sponsored content.  The service has been used by millions of webmasters who make a good profit out of it.  AdNow to state simply, is content driven, clean and a safe place to monetize a website. Its moderators check for every content before it is made available, they also offer Js tags that does not conflict with other network and thus it is safe to use AdNow with other ad networks such as AdSense. It also offers other advantages such as weekly payments, multilingual support, and easy customization of content widget and so on.

AdNow sells advertising solutions for website owners and businesses to help them gain more traffic towards their websites. AdNow allows its publishers to earn money through their website and earn revenue for diverting their traffic towards their advertisers. It is one of the best advertising platforms to monetize one’s website and earn good money from the ads as it approves applications from websites instantly.

It is not possible to monetize blogs or websites with low traffic and if a publisher wishes to earn more money from their website, then they should focus on traffic generation in the first place. Traffic generation demands a lot of social marketing and search engine optimization and the best way to earn more as a new blogger is to publish lots of quality content on their blogs to attract visitors from search engines.  Publishers need to publish minimum one informative article a day; AdNow could also add a PPC ad on their website after the website has reached maximum traffic.

Facts about Adnow:

  • 4.2 billion impressions per month
  •  900 million users per month
  •  CPM varies from $0.1 to $2, depending on the country
  •  More than 150 thousand websites throughout the world
  • 107 countries reach Adnow works with Brazil, Portugal, Mexico, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, the Czech Republic, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Poland, Greece, Turkey, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, China and other countries.

Pros- AdNow

  • AdNow accepts websites that are not in English as well as it is a native advertising network based in India
  • It is possible for websites to monetize worldwide traffic.
  • It is possible to combine this Native ad network with other networks such as Propeller ads, AdSense and Adtomatik.
  • It releases payments on time.
  • It offers an real time reporting system
  • If AdNow rejects a website, they could reapply again after fixing up their errors.
  • Its referral program is interesting and rewarding.

Cons- AdNow

  • It is not possible for publishers to filter ads that are inappropriate to them directly and need to take help from the support team.
  • The ad widgets it posts seems irrelevant to the content at times.

AdNow Widget Integration


The AdNow widget is completely customizable. I suggest you create separate widget for your mobile and desktop traffic. You can customize the image size, font, backgroup, rows and columns from the widget settings box.

Once you have tweaked the widget settings according to your needs, you can move on to get the widget code. It typically has two codes. One for the widget placement i.e. where you can the widget to appear and the other is the ad loading javascript. You can combine both the codes together and place it where you want the widget to appear. Else, you can place the initialization code on the head and the widget code where you want the ads to appear.

Shown below, is a sample of the AdNow ad widget while I was customizing it.

Getting the Maximum of AdNow

AdNow can be a good AdSense alternative and is a great network for emerging bloggers who wish to try native ads. Since, all the three big players, Taboola, RevContent, and Outbrain require substantial about of traffic from publishers to join their ad network, AdNow is flexible. To get the maximum CTR from AdNow I suggest you create/experiment with 2-3 ad widgets. The widgets are completely customizable and the ads will start loading once you install the code on your site.

  • You can use a sidebar widget for your desktop traffic
  • You can place a widget within content for your mobile traffic
  • You can place a standard widget just after the end of the content

This recommendation is based on our observation that the sidebar widget tends to perform well on desktop traffic but not so for mobile traffic. You can expect a CTR of 2-3% based on your theme/content/niche.

Widget Setup Assistance

If you find it difficult to implement the widget or due to certain reasons, the widget is not showing up, you can always open a ticket stating your issue and your query will be addressed. Alternatively, there is a  better way, and that is to connect with a publisher support representative at Adnow directly via skype. You can add the skype username rayees_adnow who works as an Adnow representative and connect with him via Skype. This will streamline the process should you get stuck somewhere.

Earnings Report of AdNow- CPM Rates of AdNow

I am sharing a screenshot of my AdNow earnings on one of my blog.  As you can see the eCPM is close to 0.4$. So, you can almost each $1 RPM from Adnow if you run two of your widgets on your site. Since these are native ads, they gets consumed as content and if you manage to have good CTR, you are set to have a good source of side income through AdNow.

AdNow earnings

AdNow earnings

Payment Structure and Payout

The best advantage of enrolling with AdNow advertising platform is that it offers detailed statistics reporting system to its publishers. These stats reporting system shows number of clicks, views, clicks from different sources, income earned, eCPMs and CTR on a daily basis. Clicks on ads made by visitors on a daily basis get represented daily at AdNow. It is possible to generate reports from different time zones from these stats reporting system using a number of widgets such as clicks, impression, income and so on.

Stats are shown in real time with its reporting time (stats refresh every hour) and the minimum payout is $20. Publishers could realize their payments on a weekly basis. AdNow offers two different payment options to its publishers, through PayPal and Bank Wire money transfers.

AdNow calculates earnings based on impressions and makes payment on a Net 7 basis or weekly basis

Referral Program

AdNow also helps its publishers to generate more revenue by referring other publishers towards AdNow.  The ad network would review their websites as well, and once they get accepted, 5% of their total revenue would be paid for the referrers. This 5% earning could be enjoyed by publishers for 12 months. This revenue would get added to the regular billing cycle and would be paid to the publishers.


Many people are under the presumption that AdNow is scam as its payout is simple, easy and quick. But it is a legit native ad network platform that pays its publishers on time. Publishers whose websites are already generating thousands of traffic could earn up to $1000 easily every month just by displaying the ads of its advertisers on their website, every time any visitor clicks on these ads and impressions are created, revenue gets added to the publishers account.

Interested to Try AdNow- Click here 


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