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Now, It’s 66. The Number Of Chennai Airport’s Glass Panel Disasters

CHENNAI: Glass sheets coming slamming down at the Chennai air terminal happen so every now and again that the National Human Rights Commission looked for a clarification from air terminal authorities and the Civil Aviation Ministry.

For the 66th time subsequent to the airplane terminal was redesigned in 2012, there was a mischance – a glass board fell 20 feet away in a hallway between the old and new terminals. Airplane terminal authorities said that no one was harmed.


Glass boards and segments of the false roof have gave way with strange recurrence at the residential and worldwide terminals. The airplane terminal was redesigned four years back for an expense of Rs. 2,200 crore.

The National Human Rights Commission has been educated that the air terminal’s auxiliary configuration is not deficient, but rather that the glass utilized all around the modernized terminal is “debased”. In the previous evening’s case, the glass sheet broke under the effect of remodel work being completed close-by, said Airport Director Deepak Sastri.

The Airports Authority of India, tasked with looking after terminals, has been given a 35-lakh contract in Chennai to evaluate the state of the glass boards that are the overall configuration component of the terminal and supplant segments that are discovered sick with sturdier sheets.

In 2014, Civil Aviation Minister Ashok Gajapathi Raju requested an amazement check of the airplane terminal; the outcome was a F on basically all fronts. Bathrooms and the nourishment court were grimy, windows were broken and a few individuals from parliament grumbled poor things taking care of and different offices.


A review a year ago discovered Chennai the seventh most exceedingly awful in Asia.







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